Timetable 2017


NB: Classes are a maximum of 12 students, so please book and confirm your place for this year 2017. The School stands true to the authentic teachings of The Satyananda Tradition, therefore we are not a drop in yoga center.


Beginners to yoga and new students must not follow the time table below!!You will be assessed, instructed and guided by Swami Kamalavidya personally. Once trained and assessed individually, you will graduate into the applicable class according to the timetable of the school.Training will take place on Saturday mornings, 9 am – 10-15 am and/or Monday evenings, 6 pm – 7:15 pm


1st Term commencing on Monday 9th January 2017.


Timetable  2017

NB: The School will be closed on Sundays.

MORNING CLASSES (NB: All morning classes, 9am – 10:15am)

  • Tuesday   9am  – 10:15  am
  • Wednesday 9am – 10:15 am   
  • Thursday   9am –  10:15 am
  • Friday   9am –  10:15 am
  • Saturday 9am -10 15 am (Beginners only !!!)

EVENING CLASSES (NB: All evening classes, 6pm – 7:15pm)

  • Monday   6pm – 7:15 pm (Beginners only!!!)
  • Tuesday   6pm –  7-15 pm
  • Wednesday 6pm –  7:15 pm
  • Thursday   6pm –  7:15 pm
  • Friday   (No evening class)

TERMS FOR THE YEAR 2017 ( The school operates on a termly basis only. With 4 terms in a year)

(1st Term, Jan – March 2017)

(2nd Term, April – June 2017)

(3rd Term, July – Sept 2017)

(4th Term, Oct – Dec 2017)

Private Consultations

Swami Kamalvidya offers private sessions to members as well as non – members of the school. Sessions are dealt with on an individualistic and personal level. Whether it be for yogic practices or personal reasons, using the foundation of the Satyananda system as a guidance to resolving and assisting with the issue at hand. A sessions duration is an hour and can be booked in advance through the administration office.