Timetable 2022

The school officially opened on Monday 17th January and classes  resumed on Wednesday 19th January, videos will also be sent out accordingly.

As I am sure you well know an amended level 1 lockdown has been implemented, this does not affect the protocols/ changes that were instituted last year, which will remain in place. As a refresher these are the options/protocols below:-

  1. Classes

Classes are held on Wednesday mornings and evenings, and these are now full. Should you wish to attend classes please inform the Admin Office and we will put you on a waiting list, to give you priority should a space become available. It is advisable to take the weekly video option in the interim.

Time (remains the same)

  • 9am – 10:15am  (Morning)


  • 6pm – 7:15pm  (Evening)
  1. Sadhana & Meditation /Yoga Nidra Videos with Sw. Kamalavidya. A link will be sent out weekly to students who subscribe to receiving these videos. The contents of the videos will be changed every week.  This will give you the freedom to practice what is taught on a daily basis at a time that is convenient for you. Also students who cannot be accommodated in a Semi Private class at the School, will benefit greatly from these videos
  1. Pranavidya (pranic healing)/ Private Session.  This is a one on one pre – booked 1hr session with Sw. Kamalavidya who will draw up a suitable personalised sadhana (practice) to address the needs of one’s body & mind that can transform ones Karma into a creative Karma. This personalised sadhana must be practiced on a daily basis for transformation to take place. Thereafter, Sw. Kamalavidya will assess your progress intermittently eg, once a month, privately going forward.

The session can also be used to address specific/individualistic emotional, spiritual and healing needs.

Private Consultations

Swami Kamalavidya offers private sessions to members as well as non – members of the school. Sessions are dealt with on an individualistic and personal level. Whether it be for yogic practices or personal reasons, using the foundation of the Satyananda system as a guidance to resolving and assisting with the issue at hand. A sessions duration is an hour and can be booked in advance through the administration office.