Hari Om Precious Students of the The Satyanada Yoga Tradition

I am wishing you all generous blessings of much love into the year 2019. I am encouraging you to continue into a life long commitment to yourselves with sincerity and seriousness. Motivate yourselves by committing to the process of personal self development and making a concerted effort with regular attendance of classes and personal time management that includes your yogic practices in your daily lives.

Importantantly this year will entail that every class pertains to encouraging saddhana(practices) into a yogic lifestyle. You have evolved thus far with a solid foundation and need to continue building on it. Now you need to imbibe and apply further knowledge through the practices of Satyananda Yoga into making your yoga a lifestyle.

I will continue to inspire, motivate and support you on your personal journey of upliftment.

Please visit our website www.yogasa.co.za , I have added a to the home page a video which I would like you to peruse.

The school will be opening on Tuesday the 15th January. Please enrol and regiter prior to your participation in the classes. payment can be effected in advance via EFT or at the School.

Hari Om Tat Sat

Love & Prem

Swami Kamalavidya

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