Long Water Cleansing 2019

September is the right time of year where we need to look into the long water purification.

Please note, that the students who have not done the short water cleansing are not eligible to participate.

Please book in advance, as we only allow 6 – 8 students to participate.

This is an opportunity for positive changes to be made in your life, as the L0ng Water Cleansing will benefit you on all levels – (physical, emotional & spiritual)!!!

The next Long Water cleansing takes place on Saturday 21st September 2019

At 08h30 for 09h00, due to finish 12h00.

(Booking in advance is essential)

Please bring the following items:

  • Bring yoga mat.
  • Bring a warm blanket.
  • A mug.
  • A hand towel.
  • Bring a spoon.
  • Tupperware container for Ketcheri


Preparations for the night before:

 Boil 6 litres of water and add 12 level teaspoons sea salt, this is to bathe and cleanse the colon.

— Bring the prepared water in a container, on the morning of the cleansing.

Upon arrival Kamala will receive your container and preheat the water accordingly while you settle down in the studio.


It is advisable to take the weekend of the cleansing off to rest.

After the cleansing, you will be supplied with Ketcheri (basmati rice, dhal and ghee) to eat. The ghee lubricates the colon that is squeaky clean and prepares it for the basmati and dhal which is carbohydrates and protein to be the first foods into your stomach.


Please take note that your eating program, has to be looked into two week prior and two weeks after.

This is a yearly event and should not be missed, especially by the intermediate/ advanced students.

Precautions and limitations:

People that are suffering for heart problems, high blood pressure, hernias and active Stomach ulcers should not participate in the water cleansing.

  Looking forward to guiding you through this cleansing/ bathing program!

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