Chants, Mantras and Prayers

Devi haven held at the school with the Gita Group


We now have a dedicated e-mail address where you can send requests for those that are in need of relief from suffering, lessening their fears no matter what the nature; be it emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, loss of a loved one, prayers for exams, depression etc etc. These names will be read out before each yajna ceremony on Saturdays – don’t hesitate to e-mail us, you’re in our prayers. Chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra together with a fire ceremony intensifies the Mantra. Chanting this mantra for other people is a great tool for us too, it can relieve us of self importance that we can experience especially when individuals are in a space of pain.

On the first Saturday of every month, Swami Kamalavidya personally does her fire ceremony.

Pure offerings are given into the fire such as ghee (clarified butter), rice, camphor and samagri (composition of pure, superior, natural herbs and roots), which emits an aromatic atmosphere transforming inner and outer environment throughout the ceremony to maintain the element of social balance.


Mahamrityunjaya mantra

tra-yam-BA-kam ya-jaa-MA-he
su-gan-dhim pu-shti-var-dha-NAM
ur-vaa-ru-ka-mi-va ban-DHAnaat mrit-yor-muk-sheeya maam-RI-taat

We worship Lord Shiva, the three-eyed one.
The one who is the master of all senses and qualities and the one who is the sustainer of all growth.May He release us from the bondage of death as a ripened cucumber is released from its stalk and may He (not deprive us of immortality) grant us immortality.”

Benefits: Experience of healing and feeling of deep relaxation pervades in entire physical and mental bodies.



om bhoor-bhu-vah SVA-ha tat-sa-vi-tur-va
-ren-Y AM
bhar-go de-va-sya dhee-MA-hidhi-yo yo nah pra-cho-DA-yaat


“May there be peace on mortal, immortal and Divine planes.
I meditate upon the most brilliant splendour of the Sun God.
May He stimulate our intellect ( so that we are inspired to
take the right action at the right time).”

Benefits : Gayatri gives experiences of luminosity

(32 Names of Durga, or “Durga Path”)

1. om DUR-gaa
2. dur-gaar-ti-sha-MA-nee
3. dur-gaa-pad-vi-ni-vaa-RI-nee
4. dur-ga-mach-chhe-DI-nee
5. dur-ga-saa-DHI-nee
6. dur-ga-naa-SHI-nee
7. dur-ga-TOD-dhaa-RI-nee
8. dur-ga-ni-HAN-tree
9. dur-ga-maa-P A-haa
10. dur-ga-ma-gyaa-NA-daa
11. dur-ga dai-tya-LO-KA-da-vaa-NA-laa
12. dur-ga-MAA
13. dur-ga-MAA-LO-kaa
14. dur-ga-maat-MA-sva-roo-PI-nee
15. dur-ga-maar-ga-PRA-daa
16. dur-ga-ma-VI-dyaa
17. dur-ga-maa-SHRI-taa
18. DUR-GA-MA-GY AA-NA-sam-sthaa-naa
19. dur-ga-ma-dhyaa-na-BHA A-si-nee
20. dur-gamo-haa
21. dur-ga-MA-gaa
22. dur-ga-maar-THA-sva-roo-PI-nee
23. dur-ga-maa-SU-ra-sam-HAN-tree
24. dur-ga-maa-YU-dha-dhaa-RI-nee
25. DUR-ga-MA AN-gee
26. dur-ga-MA-taa
27. dur-gam-yaa
28. DUR-ga-me-SHV A-ree
29. DUR-ga-BHEE-MA A
30. dur-ga-bhaa-maa
31. dur-ga-bhaa
32. DUR-ga-daa-RI-neeummarised translation)

Rescue me from catastrophe and provide me with knowledge and wisdom. Remove illusion and ignorance and make a difficult path easy by showing me the right way.

Benefits: Overcoming major obtacles