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Swami Kamalavidya Saraswati’s CV


Swami Kamalavidya started her journey into the science of yoga in 1974 at the age of 26. She was initiated as a yoga teacher and acharya (spiritual teacher) under the guidance of her master Swami Kavi Yogeshwarananda. She practiced and taught 22 years of disciplinary Kriya Yoga sadhana (advanced practices).

Subsequent to that Swami Kamalavidya has travelled extensively. She travelled to Peru (South America) & travelled through Tibet. After her master passed away, she visited Bihar /Satyananda Ashram in Munger, India in 1996. She returned to the Ashram in 1998 and studied there for 5 months in India and was initiated by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, president and founder of the Bihar Yoga Bharati (BYB) private university and its various institutions ( It was during this period that she was initiated as a Karma Sannyasin (meaning dedication with a definite purpose) into the Saraswati order (learner with an inner knowledge, understanding and integrated approach towards development and achievement in life).

Today Kamala is a Swami (master of experience of self and mind) and Director of the South African School of Yoga. The School teaches the Bihar/ Satyananda Yoga Tradition ( For the past 16 years she has been teaching personally, her students the holistic system of how to develop the physical – emotional – mental & spiritual aspects of all people, helping each individual achieve their full human potential. The discipline in the School is designed to maintain positivity everyday, to be able to handle and manage life with more ease- awareness & serenity.

It was an honor and privilege for her to have hosted Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati in South Africa in 2008, to introduce him to South Africa and our diverse culture.

In 2009 Swami Kamalavidya became involved with assisting and teaching the Abused African children at ‘Childline’ South Africa in Soweto. A ‘Yoga Capsule Program’, compiled and proposed by her Master Swami Niranjanananda during his visit to South Africa in 2008, was taught to the children. Through this program she has trained 14 children as yoga teachers. The yoga teachers taught hundreds of African children at the ‘Old Children’s General Hospital’ on Constitution Hill in Parktown, Johannesburg. The children were taught yoga to learn to manage and handle their disposition in a steady and systematic manner. They learn to recognise their own inner abilities and potentials.

She continues travelling each year to Rikhiapeeth & Bihar Ashrams as she has been doing for the past 22 years, numerous students have also accompanied her on these trips, on their path to personal self development.

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